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Struer organic Øllebrødspulver 500g

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Product number: DK10654
Product information "Struer organic Øllebrødspulver 500g"

Øllebrød is one of the classic and traditional Danish dishes, which can be traced back around 800 years. Back then, a large part of the breakfast consisted of rye bread and beer, before starting the day's work.
Traditionally, the dish is made by leaving leftover rye bread to soak for many hours before the porridge is finally boiled. Ollebrød can be used both as a filling breakfast or with whipped cream it becomes a lovely dessert. With Stuer's organic Øllebrød powder, you can make a tasty porridge in a few minutes, either for yourself or to give the youngest in the family a good start to the day.

Struer Øllebrødspulver is made from freshly baked wholemeal rye bread, has no added sugar, and contains 14.6g of dietary fiber per 100g.

Ingredients: organic rye flour, water, sourdough (organic rye flour and water), salt with added iodine. May contain traces of PEANUTS and OTHER NUTS

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