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Malaco Det Salte Mix 325 g

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Product number: DK10229
Product information "Malaco Det Salte Mix 325 g"
Gott & Blandat Salt is just right for everyone who can't keep their hands off salt liquorice! In this bag full of salty and sweet treats, real taste wonders are hidden and just waiting to be discovered - from liquorice and salmiak to jalapeño and honey.

Sugar, glucose syrup, glucose-fructose syrup, starch, WHEAT FLOUR, ammonium salt, modified starch, licorice extract, humectant (sorbitol syrup, glycerine), colorants (E153, E150c, E120), salt, flavors, stabilizer (E471).
Store in a cool and dry place.

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CHF 34.95*
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CHF 34.95*
Advent candles
Advent is the time for candles and "hygge"  Advent candles are a wonderful tradition in the countdown to Christmas.Candles in glass are suitable for use in places where candles in stands are exposed. They stand very stable and the flame is protected by the glass.Make your own Advent decoration for Christmas easily and quickly with these beautiful glass Advent candles with the 4 Advent numbers. If you carefully wash them after use, they can be reused next year with new candles.Height: 10cm, Diameter: 6cmBurning time 24 h

CHF 17.00*
Amanda Luksusrogn 200g
Amandas's MSC Luxusrogn, is made from raw materials of the best quality, where the fine egg structure is preserved.To emphasize the fine taste of the roe, a puree of sun-ripened tomatoes is mixed in. A natural product without additives.Ingredients:Fish roe 76%, water, tomato concentrate, rapeseed oil, salt, thickeners (carrageenan, locust bean gum).

CHF 4.90*
Amanda Makrel Kræs i tomato sauce 190g
Amanda Mackerel Kræs - is finely chopped mackerel fillet in a mild tomato sauce.Amanda Mackerel Kræs is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Among other things, Amanda is known for making high-quality products, such as their luxury roe and this mackerel. Get the recommended need for fish covered by eating 2 cans of mackerel - or cod roe a week.Amanda Mackerel 190 g is:Rich in protein and Omega-3 fatty acidsIngredients:Ingredients: Mackerel fillet (Scomber scombrus) 60%, water, tomato concentrate 14%, sugar, corn starch, salt.Unopened: dry at room temperature (+ 20-25 degrees).Opened: 2 days in the fridge (max. +5 degrees).

CHF 3.90*