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Bagsværd Lakrids Salmiak 160g

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Product number: DK10552
Product information "Bagsværd Lakrids Salmiak 160g"
Handmade licorice caramel with sea salt & extra salmiak. Handmade Danish quality. Backsword liquorice Salmiak is stirred with extra salmiak in the pan. Licorice has its characteristic taste because it is made from the finest licorice powder and because it is produced by the Maillard reaction, where milk protein and sugar react with each other in the pan. After boiling, the licorice is poured into moulds, where it hardens overnight before being hand cut and packed.
All licorices from Bagsværd Lakrids are gluten-free.
Carve with a sturdy knife and serve on the embedded white sheet.
Minimum net weight 160 g
Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, sweetened condensed milk, vegetable fat (palm kernel) powered raw liquorice, ammonium chloride, sea salt, vegetable emulsifer: mono- and diglycerides, colour: vegetable coal, surface treated (shellac)

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