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Amo coarse rye flour 1kg
Amo coarse rye flour is ground rye kernels with all parts of the shell and germ. Rye is a very robust type of grain, which is especially known from the Danish rye bread. The protein of rye flour does not form gluten, which means that rye bread cannot rise in the same way as a wheat dough. Rye flour has a rich taste and aroma and can be used in almost all types of wholemeal bread. It is suitable for mixing with other types of flour.It is recommended to eat at least 75 grams of whole grains per day as part of a varied diet. Coarse rye flour contains 100 grams of whole grains per 100 grams.Ingredients: Rye flour, barley malt flour

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Amo Drømmekage from Brovst 525g
Drømmekage (Dream cake) from Brovst is one of the most loved Danish cakes.With this cake mix from Amo, you can easily and simply bake a delicious  drømmekage yourself.Ingredients: sugar, WHEAT FLOUR, brown sugar (sugar, cane sugar syrup), coconut, SWIM MILK POWDER; EGG POWDER, raising agent (sodium bicarbinate E 450, E341) salt, aroma (egg, vanilla) WHEAT MALT FLOUR, color (riboflavin)May contain traces of almonds

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Amo Graham flour 1 kg
Graham flour is whole wheat flour with all parts of the shell. The flour is finely grounded and can be used alone when baking. Graham flour is used for the classic graham bread, but wheat flour can also be added to give the bread more volume. When baking with graham flour, it is an advantage to add an acidified dairy product. It helps to make the dough elastic and retain moisture in the bread.It is recommended to eat at least 75 g of whole grains per day as part of a varied diet. Graham flour contains 100 grams of whole grains per 100 grams.Ingredients: Whole wheat flour (graham)

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Amo Grovtærte 300g
with Amos Grovtærte you can easily and simply bake a crunchy, crispy and perfect base for food pies. It is super easy to use the mixture. You only need to add water. Ingredients: WHEAT flour, whole grain WHEAT flour (graham flour) 22%, palm oil, WHEAT starch, glucose syrup, salt, raising agent (E450, sodium bicarbonate), MILK protein, WHEAT malt flour.  May contain traces of almonds and eggs.

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Amo Rye Kernels, 1 kg
Sliced rye kernels are whole rye kernels that have been cut crosswise, and therefore give nice slices when you cut the bread. Mainly used in wholemeal rye bread, but are also good in wheat bread. If you use a rye bread mixture, you can easily add a handful of rye kernels to the mixture if you would like a rye bread with even more healthy kernels. It is recommended to boil or soak the rye kernels before use.  Contents: cut rye kernels

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Amo softkerne rye bread mix, 900g
Juicy and slightly sour rye bread, which will be a favorite of the whole family. Add only water. One bag gives 1 rye bread.  Enjoy it with cold cuts and top with greens. The tasty and nutritious rye bread is perfect for breakfast, lunch or when you are a little hungry. The rye bread is both easy to mix together and tastes absolutely fantastic! Ingredients: Sifted RYE flour*, RYE kernels*, WHEAT flour, sunflower seeds 10%, whole grain RYE flour*, dried RYE sourdough*, linseed 4%, salt with added iodine, BARLEY malt extract, brown sugar (sugar, cane sugar syrup), dry yeast, emulsifier (E 491), BARLEY malt flour, WHEAT malt flour.*contains 60% RYE. Ready-baked bread contains 40% RUG.

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Amo Spellet Flour, 1kg
Spelled is an old variety of wheat that, with its good taste, has become popular in Danish cuisine. Gives your baked goods a rustic character. Has good baking properties, and is very similar to ordinary wheat flour. However, the gluten proteins in spelled are not as strong as in wheat flour  Amo sifted spelled flour is suitable for baking light Italian bread, bread and French bread.  Spelled is characterized by a nutty taste and a good aroma. The finished bread has a characteristic golden colour.  Contents: Sifted spelled flour, wheat malt flour, flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid).

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Amo sunflower rye bread 1 kg
Sunflower rye bread from Amo is a baking mix for a rustic sunflower rye bread with rye flakes. The mixture is equivalent to one large loaf of rye bread, and you only need to add yeast and water before you are ready to bake. When you want to serve freshly baked rye bread without a lot of hassle, Sunflower rye bread from Amo is the ideal solution.It is recommended to eat 75 grams of whole grains per day as part of a varied diet. The finished bread contains 34 g of whole grains per 100 grams.Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, RYE FLAKES, (12%) sunflower seeds (10%) dried sourdough from RYE (5%) salt with added iodine, sugar, WHEAT starch, malt extract from BARLEY, BARLEY MALT FLOUR.

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Amo Vesterhavs Rugbrød 900g
Everything you long for in a Danish rye bread. Dark and tasty with intense flavour, rustic texture and filled with kernels and a touch of sea salt. The rye bread is easy to bake, so you can enjoy your favorite bread every day! Contents: Whole grain rye|*, rye kernels* 18%, sifted rye|*, wheat flour, sunflower seeds 6%, dried rye sourdough, puffed durum wheat kernels 4%, sea salt with added iodine 2%, barley malt extract, brown sugar (sugar, cane sugar syrup), wheat gluten, dry yeast, emulsifier (E 491), barley malt flour, wheat malt flour. *contains 75% rye. Ready-baked bread contains 49% rye.

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Blattert Sunflower mix 1000g
Is there anything better than the smell of freshly baked bread? with this bread mix from Blattert you can easily make your own delicious sunflower bread. The mixture makes two smaller bread or one large loaf. Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, WHOLEMEAL WHEAT FLOUR, sunflower seeds, sesame, golden linseed, RYE sourdough, salt, millet

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DanSukker Brun Farin 500 g
Brown Sugar is a mixture of sugar and sugar cane syrup. Brown Sugar is used i.a. in Irish coffee, sprinkled on junket, for glazing ham, and on top of cakes, e.g. Brunsviger cake. Brown Sugar is highly suitable for cooking because the slightly unusual spicy aroma goes well with the taste of i.a. ethnic food. Brown Sugar is also great at bringing out the taste of other ingredients and spices.Ingredients: sugar, cane sugar syrup.

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Dansukker Dark Syrup 750 g
Dark Syrup is more distinctive and aromatic, with a full-bodied, toffee-like flavour. It is ideal in gingerbread and chocolate toffee, and as a flavour-enhancer in many savoury dishes.Ingredients: sugar-beet  syrup, sugar-cane  syrup, saltNutritional information per. 100g: Energy 1330/310 kJ / kilocalories fat 0 g saturated fat 0 g 77 g carbohydrates as sugar 77 g protein 0,5 g salt 0.94 g.

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DanSukker Glykosesirup 400g
Glucose syrup is a mixture of different sugars, which is extracted from wheat starch. The difference between glucose syrup and light and dark syrup from DAnSukker is due to the raw materials. Glucose syrup is not as sweet as regular syrup.Glucose syrup is used primarily for ice cream and sweets, but also in baked goods. Glucose syrup inhibits crystallization and gives e.g. ice cream a creamy and soft texture. Similarly, glucose syrup prevents caramel from crystallizing and becoming gritty.Glucose syrup is extracted from wheat starch, but during the production process the gluten content is reduced to below 0.002% (<20ppm). At a gluten content below 0.002%, the product can be declared gluten-free.Contents: Glucose syrup

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Dansukker Lys Sirup 750 g
Light Syrup is the classic basic syrup for making sweets, cookies, desserts, sauces, meat dishes.Ingredients: sucrose syrup, salt. Nutrient content per 100g: energy 1298 kJ / 310 kcal fat 0 g of which saturated fatty acids 0 g carbohydrates 78.0 g of which sugar 0 g protein 0 g salt <0.01 g

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Dr. Oetker Baking Powder 140g
Dr. Oetker Baking Powder is a leavening agent for use in baked goods. The use of baking powder ensures that the baked goods achieve the right volume during baking.Can of 140 gIngredients: leavening agents (diphosphates (E 450), sodium carbonates (E 500)), corn starch.

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Dr. Oetker Baking Soda 140g
Dr. Oetker Natron is used as a leavening agent in baked goods -  in a practical 140g can. Baking soda contains no acid, unlike baking soda. This type of leavening agent is best suited for cakes with acidic ingredients, e.g. lemon moon or brownie, or for cakes that contain sour milk products such as buttermilk. When baking soda comes in contact with the acid in the dough, carbon dioxide arises and the dough begins to rise.Contents: leavening agent (Sodium bicarbonate (E 500))

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Dr. Oetker Brunkagekrydderi 20g
Brunkagekrydderi is a special blend of different, exquisite spices, which ensures that the Christmas cookies taste just right. Recipe on the back of the package.Brunkagekrydderi is also suitable for other Christmas cakes and can easily be mixed into melted chocolate when making homemade confectionery.Ingredients: cinnamon, cloves, ginger, orange peel powder

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Dr. Oetker Cake cream 3x85g
Dr. Oetker Cake cream with vanilla flavor is a true classic and the Danes' favorite cake cream - especially for a traditional Danish layered cake (lagkage). The cake cream is easy and quick to prepare. Just add ½ l of milk per letter cake cream, beat for 1 min., and put the cake cream in the fridge. After 20 min. in the refrigerator, the cake cream is ready for use in e.g. layered cake, cream buns, pies, etc. Ingredients: Sugar, modified potato starch, stabilizers (E 450, E 339), gelling agent (carrageenan), thickener (guar gum), flavouring, salt, colors (E 160b, E 160a, E 101) May contain traces of GLUTEN, MILK, EGGS , NUTS

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Dr. Oetker Potaske 25g
The baking ingredient potaske is suitable for flat pastries such as brunkager. It makes the pastry particularly crispy and enhances the browning effect. Before using the ingredient, dissolve it in cold water and then add it to the dough.Ingredients:Raising Agent; potassium carbonate

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Dr. Oetker Vaniljesukker 140g
Dr. Oetker Vanilla Sugar is made from Madagascar Bourbon vanilla sugar, which gives a powerful aroma. Vanilla sugar is suitable for both baked goods, whipped cream, and cake cream. Dr. Oetker Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Sugar is extracted using natural extracts and beans from valuable bourbon vanilla.Ingredients: Sugar, aroma (vanillin, natural bourbon vanilla aroma), crushed extracted vanilla bean.Store in a dry and cool area

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Dr. Oetkers Sourdough, 30g
Do you dream of delicious home-baked sourdough bread, but don't have the time or money to feed a sourdough daily? Then is Dr. Oetkers Sourdough the perfect solution for you!  With Dr. With Oetker Sourdough, you can easily and quickly bake delicious sourdough buns and bread, without the hassle of starting a sourdough. A bag of Dr. Oetker Sourdough consists of both dried sourdough and dry yeast, in this way the yeast helps to start the sourdough and make the bread rise at record speed. Because Dr. Oetker Sourdough does not make the bread taste sour, it is also perfect to use if you want to bake sweet sourdough bread, e.g. brownies or cinnamon rolls. 1 bag of sourdough is suitable for approx. 500 g flour and add together with the flour.  Ingredients: 67% dried wheat sourdough, wheat malt flour, 16% dried baker's yeast, emulsifier (sorbitan monostearate). May contain traces of: Milk, eggs, soy and nuts.

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Finax red - glutenfree flour 900g
Finax flour mix red is a gluten-free basic flour mix that can replace ordinary wheat flour. You can use Finax for everything from bread and cakes to pizza dough and sauce leveling Finax Red Flour mix with milk is an all-round basic flour that can replace regular wheat flour. It gives juicy and airy bread and is perfect for bread and cakes as well as pizza dough. The product is unsweetened, which is an advantage for some types of baking and cooking. The milk gives the bread more flavor and the crust a nice golden brown colour. In addition to baked goods such as cakes and bread, you can make pancake batter, gruel, sauce, smoothing, pie dough, breading, pizza and much more. The flour mix is used just like ordinary wheat flour, but the recipe must be adapted so that you get the right amount of flour mix. Enriched with B vitamins and iron.  Ingredients Wheat starch (max. 2 mg gluten/100 g), skimmed milk powder, oligofructose, thickener (guar seed flour), vitamins, iron.

CHF 6.40*
Gestus æblekagerasp, 500g
Gestus Æblekagerasp has just the right sweetness and the right crunch for an old-fashioned Danish apple cake. Although one can debate whether it is actually a dessert instead of a cake. Danish apple cake consists of just three ingredients: boiled apples, whipped cream, and æblekagerasp (apple cake breadcrumbs) The combination of the sour-sweet apples, the soft whipped cream and the crispy apple cake crumb creates a small heavenly mouthful.  You can also use the crispy apple cake crumb as a sprinkle on your yoghurt or you can replace the cooked apples in the apple cake with rhubarb.Ingredients: WHEAT flour, sugar, salt with added iodine, dry yeast, color (E150a) almond flavor

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Gilleleje Rugbrødsblanding 900g
Get the smell of homemade rye bread at home!A bag with 900 g of rye bread mix from Gilleleje Havn, makes it easy and possible to make the popular rye bread yourself.An easy guide and you have 1.3 kg of delicious home-baked rye bread!Should be stored dry and cool, well separated from products with a strong odor.INGREDIENTS: Rye flour, Wheat flour, heat-treated Rye kernels, Sunflower seeds, Flax seeds, dried sourdough (rye, wheat, acidity-regulated agents (E270, E260) wheat starch, syrup malt, popped durum wheat kernels, salt added iodine, barley flour, wheat flour.

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