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DanSukker Glykosesirup 400g

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Product number: DK10364
Product information "DanSukker Glykosesirup 400g"
Glucose syrup is a mixture of different sugars, which is extracted from wheat starch. The difference between glucose syrup and light and dark syrup from DAnSukker is due to the raw materials. Glucose syrup is not as sweet as regular syrup.

Glucose syrup is used primarily for ice cream and sweets, but also in baked goods. Glucose syrup inhibits crystallization and gives e.g. ice cream a creamy and soft texture. Similarly, glucose syrup prevents caramel from crystallizing and becoming gritty.

Glucose syrup is extracted from wheat starch, but during the production process the gluten content is reduced to below 0.002% (<20ppm). At a gluten content below 0.002%, the product can be declared gluten-free.

Contents: Glucose syrup

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