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Jørgens Favorit Mix 140g
KiM's Jørgen's Favorite Mix is a bag full of Jørgen's favorite snacks; Cheese pops, salt screws, snack chips, grills and whistles in one and the same bag. A crunchy crisp mix with something for everyone when you are "hungry for fun". In other words, Jørgen's Favorites is a bag you never go wrong in the city with. It is a sure winner for a good night on the couch, partying with friends or having fun with the family.Ingredients: 75% potato snacks with spice: 42% potato powder, 27% potato starch, 23% sunflower oil, 8% spice mixture (salt, tomato powder, WHEEL POWDER (MILK), CHEESE POWDER, grape sugar, flavor enhancer (E621), onion (onion) yeast extract, spice extract). 25% corn snacks with cheese seasoning:: 54% Cornmeal, 30% sunflower oil, WHEEL POWDER, 4% CHEESE POWDER, salt, SKIMMED MILK POWDER, spice mixture (aromas, spices, grape sugar, flavor enhancer (E621), yeast extract).

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KiMs Dipmix Barbecue
KiMs Dip Mix Barbecue is among the Danes favourites. Perfect for your chips! Stir with 1.5 dl. creme fraiche, fromage fraiche or the one you like, you decide how low fat you want your dip.Ingredients: Maltese dextrin (corn, potato), 15% dried tomato, salt, sugar, 8% onion powder, flavour enhancer (E621), 7% paprika, 4% chili, modified potato starch, garlic, spices (pepper, sennep, cayenne), acidity regulator (sodium acetate, citric acid), yeast extract, paprika extract.

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KiMs Dipmix Dild
With the KiMs Dild dip mix, you become a chef yourself. Because the delicious dip base can be easily mixed in creme fraiche, quark or another sour cream speciality and becomes a homemade treat. Dose the mixture according to your wishes and decide on the intensity of the balanced dill flavour.  Ingredients:Maltodextrin (potatoes, corn), milk sugar, modified potato starch, sugar, table salt, dill (3%), onion powder (2%), flavor enhancer (E621), yeast extract, dilextract, flavor. Keep cool and dry.

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KiMs Dipmix Holiday
With KiMs Dipmix Holiday you can let your imagination run wild. The tasty powdered dip base can be easily mixed with crème fraiche, quark or another sour cream speciality to create a delicious treat. Dose the powder according to your own wishes and create your own personal dip.Ingredients:Maltodextrin (corn), potato starch, salt, (11%) paprika, flavor enhancer (E621), sugar, modified potato starch, (6%) onion powder, yeast extract, dextrose, spices (garlic, pepper), antioxidants (ascorbic acid), flavor. Store in a cool and dry place.

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KiMs Gammeldags Flæske Svær 60 g
You were lucky! With delicious KiMs Gammeldags Flæske Svær you will experience a crispy snack that is a great alternative to crisps. The hearty pork crusts are crisply baked and intensely seasoned. A tasty snack that is completely carbohydrate-free.Ingredients:Bacon rinds, pork fat, salt, antioxidants (E472c, E307, E304).Store in a cool and dry place.

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KiMs OstePops 140 g
The cheese flips to freak out. KiM's Ostepops Original is the crispy corn snack with the spicy cheese flavour. The Flips are baked golden yellow in sunflower oil and are always a welcome party guest.Ingredients:(54%) corn flour, (30%) sunflower oil, whey powder, (4%) cheese powder, salt, skimmed milk powder, spice mix [flavors, spices, dextrose, flavor enhancer (E621), yeast extract], color (paprika extract). Storage: dry and not too warm.

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KiMs Snack Chips Original 160 g
Simply good. KiM's Snack Chips Original are the crunchy nibbling fun. Because the delicious potato snacks have an exceptionally crispy bite thanks to their special shape and the grooves that go with them, which will delight you in combination with the spicy aroma.Ingredients:64% potato pancakes, sunflower oil, potato starch, 7% spice mixture [maltodextrin, salt, tomato powder, whey powder (milk), cheese powder (milk), dextrose, flavor enhancer (E621), onion powder, acidulant (malic acid), spice extract, yeast extract, flavors], salt , Emulsifier (vegetable E471).Store in a cool and dry place.

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