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Flag DK A6 wooden stick 5 stk.
Dannebrog flag with wooden stick for birthday and party in A6 size.

CHF 4.20*
10 plates with flag, ø23cm
There must be flags on the table when you celebrate a birthday. A plate with flags helps to make it a little more festive.

CHF 12.00*
10 cardboard plates ø18 cm with flag - salling
There must be flags on the table when big and small celebrate birthdays. A plate with flags helps to make it a little more festive.

CHF 8.90*
10 Paper cups with flags 25cl
10 paper mugs with flags, 25cl Suitable for hot drinks up to 70 degrees

CHF 8.50*
150 paper Confetti flags
Here you get 150 small paper flags to sprinkle around the table.They each measure: 2.7x2 cm.

CHF 2.90*
24 Birthday candles
Cake candles for birthdays are a must and a tradition that everyone, both big and small, loves. The cake with birthday candles is the center of the party table, and it is a very special moment when the birthday girl or boy blows out the candles.24 party candles and 12 holders in red and white. 

CHF 4.50*
4 birthday candles with flags
Make your birthday table extra festive with these flagged candles. Each candle is 5 cm high. Burn time: about 7 hours.Pack of 4 pcs.

CHF 7.50*
4 Small birthday cards
Pack of 4 small birthday cards (6.5 x 9 cm) with envelopes

CHF 4.50*
40 Confetti flags in wood
40 Confetti flags in wood.

CHF 6.90*
50 Cake flag on wooden stick
50 Cake flag on wooden stick, will give the the birthday cake a festive look.

CHF 3.90*
6 Red cups with flag, 700ml
6 Big red cups with danish flag, 17 cm 700 ml 

CHF 5.90*
8 mugs with flag
8 paper mugs with flags, 21cl Not suitable for hot drinks above 60 degrees

CHF 5.50*
8 mugs with flags and dot
8 cute mugs with flags and dots. 2 dl - 9 cm high

CHF 6.90*
9 Birthday candles for cakes
9 cake candles with holders

CHF 4.90*
Amo Fødselsdagsboller 500g
No birthday without buns. The world's best birthday buns are soft, tasty and smell of happy birthday memories. With Amo's birthday buns, it's easy to make the day festive for the birthday. It's easy to work with and in no time you can bake the best homemade birthday buns. The mixture gives approx. 16 buns. You only have to add yeast and water.Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, palm oil, sugar, SKIMMED MILK POWDER, EGG POWDER, glucose syrup, salt, vegetable emulsifier (E322, E472e), MILK PROTEIN, dextrose, flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid), enzyme (amylase).

CHF 4.90*
Anthon Berg Gold Box 400g
Anthon Berg's Gold Box with a selection of delicious chocolate pralines. In the box, you will find a wide selection of delicious, filled chocolates with flavors of marzipan, nougat, soft caramel, and coconut. You can use the fine chocolate box as a hostess gift or serve the contents to your guests when you want to spoil them a little extra. The chocolate does not contain gluten.  INGREDIENTS: Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, glucose syrup, WHOLE MILK powder, ROASTED HAZELNUTS, ALMONDS, condensed MILK, vegetable fat (palm shea kernel) stabilizer (sorbitol syrup), apricot kernels, coconut, MILK SUGAR, spirits (including Liqueur Cointreau®), plums, alcohol, emulsifier (lecithin), maltodextrin from maize, strawberry concentrate, lychee concentrate, MILK FAT, salt, coffee extract, syrup, licorice extract, liqueur wine (Madeira, Sherry) preservative (potassium sorbate, sorbic acid), flavorings, vanilla extract, thickener (pectin), humectant (invertase), cocoa powder, acid (citric acid) colour (carmine). May contain traces of other nuts and soya.  May contain pieces of plum stone  ALCOHOL W / W 3.4% IN THE CHOCOLATE BOTTLE.  At least 33% cocoa solids and at least 23% milk solids in the milk chocolate. Minimum 46% cocoa solids in the dark chocolate.

CHF 27.00*
Birthday card
Birthday card with danish flags  17x11 cm

CHF 3.90*
Candle with flag 12 cm
Candles 5.8 x 12 cm decorated with Danish flags which will decorate on any birthday table.33 hours burning time.

CHF 5.90*
Confetti cannon
Confetti cannon for festive occasions. Shoots confetti using compressed air. For indoor and outdoor use.Contents: Flag, red and white paper confetti.

CHF 6.50*
Danish flag A5 - 10 stk
Dannebrog flag with stick for birthday and party in A5 size. 10 stk

CHF 4.50*
Danish flag in wood 15.5 cm
There is nothing as Danish as Dannebrog. Use the cute wooden flags for birthdays and other holidays.The two flags measure 15.5 cm each

CHF 4.50*
Danish flag pin
A small discreet flag to attach to the clothes, so you can always show your love for Denmark.

CHF 11.00*
Danish flags on sting
Danish "Flagguirlande"  2 x 2 m. Use the flags to decorate for birthday parties - and they are a "must" on the danish Christmas tree. 

CHF 3.90*
Dr. Oetker Cake cream 3x85g
Dr. Oetker Cake cream with vanilla flavor is a true classic and the Danes' favorite cake cream - especially for a traditional Danish layered cake (lagkage). The cake cream is easy and quick to prepare. Just add ½ l of milk per letter cake cream, beat for 1 min., and put the cake cream in the fridge. After 20 min. in the refrigerator, the cake cream is ready for use in e.g. layered cake, cream buns, pies, etc. Ingredients: Sugar, modified potato starch, stabilizers (E 450, E 339), gelling agent (carrageenan), thickener (guar gum), flavouring, salt, colors (E 160b, E 160a, E 101) May contain traces of GLUTEN, MILK, EGGS , NUTS

CHF 3.90*