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About us

ScandiShop was created during Corona to help Danes in Switzerland, who could not get to Denmark due to Covid and needed Lakrids and other danish products to survive. 
In July 2021 the founders moved to the US and I got the opportunity to continue the shop. 
My name is Jette Troelsen Pretzmann and even though I have lived here in Switzerland for the last 15 years, I am still very Danish and love a good salt licorice. I live in Horgen with my husband, two children and our small dog. It will be me who runs the store, with my husband, Erik, as technical and moral support.
 My plan is to continue the store in the same spirit - but I have expanded the range with a number of new items that I have missed myself . If you have suggestions for other items or good ideas, then you are always very welcome to contact me on [email protected]