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Svansø Stone age bread 500g

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Product number: DK10687
Product information "Svansø Stone age bread 500g"
Stone Age bread (Paleo bread) has become a huge hit. Stone Age bread contains many good fibers and nutrients It also contains good protein from both eggs and nuts, and it also contains good, slowly absorbed carbohydrates from nuts, seeds and kernels. This ensures that the bread satiates well and for a long time and keeps blood sugar stable. 
This mixture for stone age bread consists of pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and hazelnuts. The blend has been developed in collaboration with chef Thomas Rode. 
The recipe is easy to follow. You simply add eggs, oil and salt, and after an hour in the oven you have a delicious Stone Age bread. 
 Ingredients: Sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, SESAME seeds, ALMONDS, HAZELNUTS. 
 Allergens: Contains: Hazelnuts, Almonds, Sesame seeds, Nuts 
 May contain: Cashews, Peanuts, Pecans, Pistachios, Walnuts

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