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Kartoffelmel 500g

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Product number: DK10363
Product information "Kartoffelmel 500g"
Potato flour has nothing to do with flour. It's similar, but it's actually made from potatoes, where the starch has been extracted from them.
Potato flour can be used as starch in dishes for people who do not tolerate gluten. It is 100 percent gluten-free. In addition, there is virtually no fat or protein in it - and then there is no taste or color in this starch.
Potato flour can also be used as a stain remover. If you spill red wine or other colored liquid on the floor, the potato flour is your friend. As it has an enormous absorbency, it can suck the liquid up from the carpet or the wooden floor. Sprinkle potato flour on the stain and let it dry. Then you vacuum up the now colored potato flour and the stain has almost disappeared.
Ingredients: Potato starch

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