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Sukrin normal 500g

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Product number: DK10710
Product information "Sukrin normal 500g "
Do you want to cut down on your sugar consumption and avoid artificial sweeteners? So try the new, natural alternative! 
- Zero calories 
-Tooth friendly 
-Tastes and looks like sugar 
-Of natural origin 
-Sweet without Calories 
Sukrin is a sweetener fe based on erythritol. Sukrin does not contain any carbohydrates that are part of the body's energy metabolism. Sukrin is produced by a natural fermentation process (fermentation), where grape sugar is used as raw material. You use the same method when making, for example, wine or cheese. Erythritol is also found in nature in e.g. pears, melons and edible mushrooms. 
 Sukrin has a low energy content (0 kcal/100 grams). Consuming foods containing erythritol (Sukrin) instead of sugar limits the rise in blood sugar levels compared to sugary foods. 
Consuming foods containing erythritol (Sukrin) instead of sugar helps to maintain the mineralization of the teeth. 
Sukrin contains 100% erythritol, which is a sweetener of natural origin.
Ingredients: Sweetener Erythritol (E968).

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