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Toms Guld Karameller 100 g

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Product number: DK10088
Product information "Toms Guld Karameller 100 g"
The Danish classic. Toms Guld Karameller Klassiske makes the eyes of connoisseurs light up. Beneath a dark chocolate coating is a delicious caramel centre with a creamy-sweet taste that is a chewy treat for everyone. These toffees are so delicious that it doesn't stop at just one.

Glucose syrup, sugar, condensed milk, cocoa mass, vegetable fat (palm oil), shea seed oil, cocoa butter, cane sugar syrup, milk fat, emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, rapeseed lecithin), salt, flavor. Cocoa 50% at least in the chocolate part.
Allergens: contains milk. May contain traces of nuts.
Recommended storage temperature 11-18 ° C.

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