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Tuborg Guld 33cl

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Product number: DK10527
Product information "Tuborg Guld 33cl"
Guld Tuborg is a strong pilsner beer of 5.6% vol. The beer was originally developed for export, but was launched here in 1895. Popularly, the beer is also better known as "The Golden Lady" or "The Golden Lady". You experience an elegant taste with a good balance between dry fullness and liveliness. The elegant Golden Lady stands golden with white foam in the glass. The aroma is captivating with hints of fruit and a bit of fennel. Enjoy e.g. Guld Tuborg for meat dishes with sauce and potatoes or for mild cheeses. The Golden Lady should be enjoyed at approx. 7-10ºC

Contents: water, barley malt, barley and hops.

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