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Beauvais Rødkål 580 g

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Product information "Beauvais Rødkål 580 g"
Beauvais Red Cabbage on glass has a characteristic sweet taste, which makes it good and well-balanced. The cabbage is harvested primarily in Denmark from September to November and is delivered almost daily on a tractor from the field to our factory in Skælskør. The red cabbage is processed soon after harvest to preserve the freshness of the raw material.

Red cabbage, sugar, vinegar, fruit juice (apple, currant), salt.

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Anthon Berg Marzipan brød is a well-known classic, wrapped in the characteristic pink foil. In the package you will find four delicious marzipan bars with soft marzipan, surrounded by a layer of rich dark chocolate. Enjoy the marzipan bar at home on the sofa with a cup of tea, or keep a marzipan bar in your bag for when you feel hungry when you're on the go.Dark chocolate filling with marzipan (76%)Ingredients: Almonds (34%) sugar, apricot kernels, cocoa mass, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, milk fat, emulsifier (lecithin), preservative (sorbic acid)At least 50% dry cocoa powder in the dark chocolate.Can contain traces of nuts.

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The story goes that Bassett's Licorice Confectionery was invented by accident in 1899 when Charlie Thompson, a salesman for Bassett's, was discussing an order with a customer. Suddenly, by accident, his tray of samples overturned and all the brightly colored confections were scattered all over the place. The mixed confection looked so appealing that an order was immediately placed. Bassett's Licorice Confectionery was born. If you have a fondness for licorice and licorice confections, then Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts is without a doubt for you. This bag of licorice confections from Bassetts thus contains a lot of different exciting pieces of licorice confection and sweet English licorices.Ingredients: Sugar, molasses, glucose syrup, WHEAT FLOUR, coconut flour, natural lemon flavoring with natural flavors, natural (anise, orange) flavoring, vegetable oil, plant extract (beetroot juice), caramelized sugar syrup, colors (paprika extract, vegetable charcoal, curcumin, anthocyanins, lutein), surface treatment agent (carnauba wax), concentrated blackcurrant juice, concentrated plantain extract (spirulina).

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Compassion Pancakes by Camilla Hilbrands
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Glyngøre Marinerede Bidder 500g
Marinated "bidder" from Glyngøre are large, beautiful, ready-to-serve marinated herring pieces in a clear broth with onion, red pepper and peppercorns. Put marinated herring on the lunch table and delight your guests with a tasty herring meal.Ingredients: HERRING, sugar, 6.5% onion, salt, vinegar, red pepper, spices (including whole peppercorns), preservatives (E211, E202), natural aromas.Storage: Refrigerate 2-5 degreesShelf life after opening: 14 days in the refrigeratorCatch area: Norwegian Sea, North Sea

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Graasten Originale Remoulade 375 g - FREE!!
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Karen Volf Vaniljekranse 190g
The good butter makes the difference when it comes to vanilla wreaths. Look forward to making people really happy with this Danish classic.Vaniljekranse with 26% butter Ingredients: Wheat flour, 26% butter (EU) sugar, eggs, rapeseed oil, palm oil, salt, natural vanilla aroma (EU) aroma, vanilla bean.May contain traces of soy and almonds.Store dry and not too hot.

CHF 2.90* CHF 4.90* (40.82% saved)
Nordthy Gift Box with Licorice, 240g
 Licorice coated with white/milk chocolate and dragée/powder. 6 Delicious and selected flavours. Delight your colleagues, friends, customers, business partners or family with this gift box. The milk chocolate contains at least 30.5% cocoa solids. Ingredients: Sugar, molasses, cocoa butter, SWEET MILK POWDER, WHEAT FLOUR, cocoa mass, lactose (MILK), water, SKIMMED MILK POWDER, licorice root powder, banana powder, vegetable oil (coconut, sunflower), emulsifiers (SOY LECITHINS, E471, sunflower lecithins), ammonium chloride, licorice root extract, aromas, thickeners (E414, E904), licorice granules, YOGURT POWDER, color (E172), baking sugar, sea salt, potato starch, anti-caking agent (E551), humectant (E422). May contain traces of all nuts and peanuts. The product must be stored dry, not too hot and protected from direct sunlight.

CHF 20.00* CHF 25.00* (20% saved)
ODENSE Kransekage 400 g
Make the most delicious home-baked "kransekage", petit four or cake base of high quality in almost no time with ODENSE Kransekage. ODENSE kransekage is a ready-made cake mass, ready to spray out. Press out, bake and enjoy the scent of original, freshly baked almond cakes. Star ethyl is embedded in the bag. Ingredients:Sugar, apricot kernels, water, ALMONDS (7%), glucose syrup, starch (corn), egg white powder, preservative (E202), acidity regulator (E330).

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Skælskør Cherry sauce 500g
Cherry sauce from Skælskør Frugtplantage is a true classic for Christmas rice à la mande, but it is also particularly suitable as a topping on a cheese cake or in a trifle with Greek yoghurt and nut crunch. The cherry sauce is a mix of several cherry varieties and contains a total of 40% cherries.Ingredients: Whole pitted cherries (98% stone-free), water, sugar, modified corn starch, lemon juice, preservative: potassium sorbate.Made from 40 g of cherries per 100g

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Spangsberg Evening Treat, 325g
Are you looking for something delicious for the evening coffee or as an extra snack for the party for friends? Then you should try this delicious Aften Mix from Spangsberg. There is something for everyone in this mix, which contains Choco Caramel, Licorice Toffee, Evening Rum, and Evening Toffee.  Ingredients: MILK chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, SWEET MILK POWDER, whey powder (MILK), emulsifiers: SOY lecithin, E476, vanillin), glucose syrup, dark chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, MILK fat, emulsifiers: SOY lecithin, vanillin), sugar, vegetable fat ( palm oil and shea fat), sweetened condensed MILK, water, whey powder (MILK), 0.7% licorice powder, 0.7% alcohol (Jamaica rum), salt, aroma, anise oil, May contain traces of wheat, barley, eggs, peanuts, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts,

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Spangsberg konfekt knapper 115g
If you also think that wine gums are the very best thing in a bag of lakridskonfekt, then Spangsberg Konfekt Knapper is just the thing for you. The delicious wine gums have a lovely taste of anise and licorice.Ingredients: glucose syrup (SULFITES), sugar, water, gelatin, WHEAT starch, natural flavoring (aniseed), coconut oil, food coloring (spirulina, carrot, safflower), coloring agents (E162), surface treatment agent (E901)May contain traces of milk, barley, soya, eggs, peanuts, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts.

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Spangsberg Marzipan squares 120g
For a lot of us, Christmas and delicious marzipan are inextricably linked. The marzipan squares from Spangsberg can be enjoyed by both children and adults. They consist of marzipan with different colors in the middle. They both enrich the taste buds, decorate the table and get the Christmas spirit going!Enjoy Spangsberg marzipan squares with someone you care about during Christmas. Enjoy them in front of the fireplace in December or on Christmas Eve itself - it doesn't get any better!Ingredients: Marzipan (ALMOND) sugar, water, invert sugar syrup, powdered sugar, potato starch, spirits, cocoa powder, preservative (E202), coloring (E120, E141, E150C), consistency agent (E1103), aroma.May contain traces of soya, milk, wheat, barley, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, eggs, peanuts.

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Spangsberg Nougat squares 115g
These nougat squares from Spangsberg provide a wonderful taste experience while having a good time with family and friends in December.Of course, you can also eat marzipan even if it's not Christmas, because who can wait a whole year to eat these delicious nougat squares again? No one... and as Spangsberg puts it, "You're welcome!". These nougat slices consist of a layer of nougat between two layers of marzipan.Ingredients: Marzipan (51% ALMONDS, sugar, water, invert sugar syrup) nougat (sugar, 30% HAZELNUTS, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier (E322 - SOYA) icing sugar (sugar, potato starch, alcohol, preservative (E202)) thickener (E1103) aroma.May contain traces of milk, wheat, barley, eggs, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts.

CHF 2.70* CHF 3.70* (27.03% saved)
Toms Snowball with nougat 124g
When cold and darkness creep in, there's nothing like biting into a delicious Tom's Snowball!Here you get the classic snowballs with an extra tasteful touch of nougat. The snowballs are ideal as a tasty snack in the company of a hot cup of coffee or tea, and they taste terrific like atmospheric Christmas sweets. However, do not be fooled by the name: the delicious combination of marzipan, nougat and dark chocolate coated in white sugar is a wonderful mouthful, even if it is not white outside!  Marzipan (38%) with nougat (27%) Dark chocolate (7%) and sugar dragée.Ingredients: sugar, almonds 10%, apricot kernels, roasted hazelnuts 7%, cocoa butter, milk sugar, cocoa mass, glucose syrup, whole milk powder, thickener (gum arabic) modified potato flour, emulsifier, natural aroma, caramelized citric acid (coloring sugar) humectant (invertase) vanilla.May contain traces of other nuts.

CHF 2.95* CHF 5.90* (50% saved)
Toms Snowballs Orange, 124g
Toms Snebolde Orange is the original snowball with the taste of fresh orange. The orange snowballs consist of delicious marzipan, coated with dark chocolate and crisp sugar dragon orange. Ingredients: Marzipan (49%) with a coating of dark chocolate and sugar dagree with orange oil (21%) Sugar, cocoa mass, ALMONDS (12%) apricot kernels, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, SWEET MILK POWDER, rice starch, thickener (gum arabic), milk sugar, modified potato starch, orange oil 0.2%, emulsifier (leichitin), preservative (sorbic acid), colors (carotenes, curcumin) humectant (invertase)May contain traces of other nuts. At least 50% cocoa solids in the dark chocolate.

CHF 2.95* CHF 5.90* (50% saved)